Initial thoughts on India

2017 has started out to be quite a memorable year. Jeremy and I had the opportunity to visit India. We traveled to attend a friend's wedding, but spent almost 2 weeks traveling around the country. Most of our time was spent in cities and visiting friends. We were lucky to have friends from Indiana that … Continue reading Initial thoughts on India

Culture Shock… a confusing phenomenon

It's  09:47 on a Monday morning and I'm sitting in the McDonald's across the street from my flat. I've been here for an hour. If you know me at all, you know this is early. I'm on my 2nd coffee in the past hour and ate some strange breakfast quesadilla. Let's be clear...I loathe McDonald's. … Continue reading Culture Shock… a confusing phenomenon

The Netherlands & England

It’s been too long since I’ve written, so this post may be a bit jam packed. I’ll start with some trip/travel updates in this post.  The Netherlands/ Holland In February I had the chance to visit some old friends who I knew from Bradford Woods. Sjaack and Dawn were counselors when I was just a … Continue reading The Netherlands & England

Copenhagen and Istanbul

After Christmas I was lucky enough to travel with my boyfriend to two amazing cities. We spent 4 days in Copenhagen and 5 in Istanbul. What's funny is these cities are completely different, but equally amazing. The only downfall is that is was freeeeezzzzing in both cities. Copenhagen  This city is basically the perfect picture … Continue reading Copenhagen and Istanbul


It's been a long few days. Just when I really felt like things were on the up, things got a little sad. Don't worry the post won't be all about sad things, but I figured I'd reflect on some stuff. If traveling around a crazy huge city in a wheelchair wasn't difficult enough, my power … Continue reading Perspectives