Euro Trip 2018 Prep: the chaotic process of planning a trip for people(me) with disabilities

I'm in the process of planning 'Kestler Euro Trip 2018.' Yes, I know, I live in Europe, so I won't be crossing an ocean, but my parents will be. And my brother may come and a friend from college. My life is a bit at a crossroads and I'm possibly looking to leave Europe soon. … Continue reading Euro Trip 2018 Prep: the chaotic process of planning a trip for people(me) with disabilities

Christmas Markets: why December is my favorite month in Germany

Yes, I know it's January, but what better of a time to write a little blog about Weinnachtmarkts (Christmas Markets). From a country that is stereotypically known for secluded individuals who may be a bit cold, it's amazing how warm and friendly the annual Christmas markets can feel. It's some intense Hygge! Hygge is the Scandinavian word … Continue reading Christmas Markets: why December is my favorite month in Germany

A note on accessible cities

While living in Germany I've been able to experience the presence and lack of accessibility throughout Europe. Additionally, while writing my thesis on refugees with disabilities migrating to Berlin, I learned of new accessibility barriers. For example, the idea of urban planning for housing for refugees with disabilities. How do we create livable cities for … Continue reading A note on accessible cities

‘One Step’ away from beer, coffee and shopping

I'm not shy about the fact that I knew very little about Berlin before moving here. I found that it was a bit more exciting going into a new city with an open mind. One thing I obviously did research on was the city's accessibility.  One of the main reasons I chose Berlin was for … Continue reading ‘One Step’ away from beer, coffee and shopping

Culture Shock… a confusing phenomenon

It's  09:47 on a Monday morning and I'm sitting in the McDonald's across the street from my flat. I've been here for an hour. If you know me at all, you know this is early. I'm on my 2nd coffee in the past hour and ate some strange breakfast quesadilla. Let's be clear...I loathe McDonald's. … Continue reading Culture Shock… a confusing phenomenon

When gun death becomes normal

Edit: I've been thinking about posting this for a long time...I've hesitated, but I decided what would it hurt. ______________________ I know it's a bit risky writing a post about the heated topic of gun violence and gun control. In a way this post is for me to better organize my thoughts and share some … Continue reading When gun death becomes normal

The Netherlands & England

It’s been too long since I’ve written, so this post may be a bit jam packed. I’ll start with some trip/travel updates in this post.  The Netherlands/ Holland In February I had the chance to visit some old friends who I knew from Bradford Woods. Sjaack and Dawn were counselors when I was just a … Continue reading The Netherlands & England

Beer in Berlin

Before I moved to Berlin so many people responded with that typical - "ooohhh they have lots of beer." Yes, Germany does have a lot of beer. But, their craft brew scene is nothing like the states. Your average super market stocks about 10 different kinds of Pilsner, some Hefeweizen, maybe a porter, a few … Continue reading Beer in Berlin

Christmas in Berlin

It's been a bit of time since I wrote, so there may be a few posts all at once. I'll start out with Christmas in Berlin...or December in Berlin. Germany is known for Christmas markets! There are over 50 on Berlin alone. I tried to hit as many as possible. There were many markets that … Continue reading Christmas in Berlin