Google Maps Accessibility Features: how you can help

Google Maps has been on point lately. Last year they released filters for accessibility at locations and recently they released accessible routes for wheelchair users. You can now not only see if the place or locations takes credit cards, but also if they have a flat entrance and accessible bathroom. Other apps like WheelMap have … Continue reading Google Maps Accessibility Features: how you can help

Christmas Markets: why December is my favorite month in Germany

Yes, I know it's January, but what better of a time to write a little blog about Weinnachtmarkts (Christmas Markets). From a country that is stereotypically known for secluded individuals who may be a bit cold, it's amazing how warm and friendly the annual Christmas markets can feel. It's some intense Hygge! Hygge is the Scandinavian word … Continue reading Christmas Markets: why December is my favorite month in Germany

Conference experiences – disability, comics and literature

I spent this past weekend back in Berlin. I had been meaning to visit some friends, but I also wanted to attend a conference called 'PathoGraphics - Stories of Illness/ Disability in Literature and Comics.' It was a mixture of being fascinating and way over my head. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. I originally went … Continue reading Conference experiences – disability, comics and literature

The Netherlands & England

It’s been too long since I’ve written, so this post may be a bit jam packed. I’ll start with some trip/travel updates in this post.  The Netherlands/ Holland In February I had the chance to visit some old friends who I knew from Bradford Woods. Sjaack and Dawn were counselors when I was just a … Continue reading The Netherlands & England

Beer in Berlin

Before I moved to Berlin so many people responded with that typical - "ooohhh they have lots of beer." Yes, Germany does have a lot of beer. But, their craft brew scene is nothing like the states. Your average super market stocks about 10 different kinds of Pilsner, some Hefeweizen, maybe a porter, a few … Continue reading Beer in Berlin

Copenhagen and Istanbul

After Christmas I was lucky enough to travel with my boyfriend to two amazing cities. We spent 4 days in Copenhagen and 5 in Istanbul. What's funny is these cities are completely different, but equally amazing. The only downfall is that is was freeeeezzzzing in both cities. Copenhagen  This city is basically the perfect picture … Continue reading Copenhagen and Istanbul