A sneak peak into my Master’s Thesis: Human Needs, Refugees & Disability

I've been wanting to write a few blog posts about my thesis, but wasn't sure how to approach it. If you're interested in my program - Intercultural Conflict Management - read about it in my previous post. As I'm teaching a course at the Hochschule Darmstadt on Migration and Disability, the weekly prep has led … Continue reading A sneak peak into my Master’s Thesis: Human Needs, Refugees & Disability

Conference experiences – disability, comics and literature

I spent this past weekend back in Berlin. I had been meaning to visit some friends, but I also wanted to attend a conference called 'PathoGraphics¬†-¬†Stories of Illness/ Disability in Literature and Comics.' It was a mixture of being fascinating and way over my head. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. I originally went … Continue reading Conference experiences – disability, comics and literature

A note on accessible cities

While living in Germany I've been able to experience the presence and lack of accessibility throughout Europe. Additionally, while writing my thesis on refugees with disabilities migrating to Berlin, I learned of new accessibility barriers. For example, the idea of urban planning for housing for refugees with disabilities. How do we create livable cities for … Continue reading A note on accessible cities


It's been a long few days. Just when I really felt like things were on the up, things got a little sad. Don't worry the post won't be all about sad things, but I figured I'd reflect on some stuff. If traveling around a crazy huge city in a wheelchair wasn't difficult enough, my power … Continue reading Perspectives