Accessible Paris: A trip to The Louvre

During my first trip to Paris, I obviously had to go check out the Louvre! I love art, although I’m no art buff. It is pretty cool to be in a museum housing some of the most famous works in the world. As an added benefit, The Louvre is extremely wheelchair friendly!

Fun fact: The Louvre glass pyramids were designed by architect I.M. Pei. He also designed many buildings in my hometown of Columbus, Indiana!

Upon entering the lovely glass triangle, there is a fancy lift /platform thing that’s lowers underground. You aren’t closed in and can view the ceiling of the triangle just like all other visitors.


This circular rod in the middle of the stairs is the lift. You are on top and the entire rod lowers into the ground. Super fancy!!

The museum is completely wheelchair friendly with lifts, ramps and viewing areas for all. Additionally there is a disability services area if you’d like an audio guide or need other services. They also offer guided tours. Of course, wheelchair accessible toilets too.

I’ve stared at a replica of the Mona Lisa in my parent’s living room for years, so it was pretty cool to see the real thing. Of course, the Mona is actually fairly small. Tons of people were gathered taking snaps and selfies. Lucky me got to get a front row seat! They have a special isle just for those using wheelchairs. This allowed me to see and snap a few shots without having to fight my way to the front. I was really impressed by this and haven’t seen it in a museum before.

Overall, I loved my visit to The Louvre. The caliber of art is impressive! Additionally, the layout of the museum with much of it being underground is pretty interesting! You’ll need a few hours to really see everything, so plan accordingly.


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