Moroccan Adventure: the most picturesque country

Since I was a bit obsessed with the beauty and quirkiness of Morocco, I wanted to post some more photos of the trip. I don’t normally do pure photo blogs, but I thought these were fun. I’ll caption a few, but most are just lovely street shots. Enjoy! 

This was a tree full of jumping goats. This was likely posed by the locals because it was near to edge of the road. But, supposedly goats really do climb in the trees to eat the fruit off the trees. As Morocco is a desert, it’s harder for animals to find food on the ground. Mom loved it!


We ordered a massive amount of fresh fish, crab, shrimps, etc for 20 bucks…then they cooked it right in front of us!


Seriously obsessed with all the blue doors. 

I loved this photo of the cat and the bird watching the fish

The coastal city of Essaouira was so lovely!

rooftop sitting in Marrakech

The tile work is amazing

Fresh street barbecue in the square in Marrakech



2 thoughts on “Moroccan Adventure: the most picturesque country

    1. I did go! It was not very accessible at all unfortunately. Lots of areas where there was one step up and then one step down. I was using my manual chair so this was possible.


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