Christmas Markets: why December is my favorite month in Germany

Yes, I know it’s January, but what better of a time to write a little blog about Weinnachtmarkts (Christmas Markets). From a country that is stereotypically known for secluded individuals who may be a bit cold, it’s amazing how warm and friendly the annual Christmas markets can feel. It’s some intense Hygge! Hygge is the Scandinavian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable amiability with feelings of wellness and contentment. I may have a small obsession with these market! A few highlights:

Food: all the traditional German foods come out to tempt you. My fav being Langos (which is technically not German). Think of a big elephant ear (county fair talk) covered in Nutella or maybe something savory, like garlic sauce and cheese. Of course you can always chow down on a traditional Frankfurter Sausage right off the grill. You can find all kids of other treats too!

Drink: Glühwein!! This is a mulled/spiced wine served warm. It is also served in adorable little mugs featuring city sites. Beware, although it tastes sweet and delicious, it’s still potent.

Now, I’ll feature some pictures from the markets I went to this year!

One of my favvvvs! Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. A beautiful market surrounded by the concert house and two churches. This was technically taken last year.


The next two photos are from Nuremberg. This is supposed to be one the most famous markets in the world. I was impressed that it was actually very traditional, despite being very touristy. I took a day trip on the train with a friend to go visit. Nuremburg is also known for Gingerbread cookies. I also have a love for gingerbread items because they usually aren’t too sweet.


The following are two markets I went to in Vienna, Austria. There were a zillion people there, but they were also just gorgeous. I was in Vienna for three days and I believe I went to five markets! Vienna is an amazing city. I felt like I could really maybe live there. Obviously, it’s beautiful, but it’s also very accessible and people were really lovely.

My local market where I’m living…Darmstadt. I probably went to the market 10x in a months 😀 My lovely Irish friends visited and we braved the rain to get the gluhwein!!


Hope you enjoyed that snapshot of the markets. I’m not always the best at capturing the most beautiful photos…aka, blurry photos tend to happen. Hopefully you can get the sense of the cozy feeling. So, if you ever come to Germany, consider coming in December. You can road trip around the country and hit up all the tiny little markets!

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