A quick Italian adventure

I’ve wanted to go to Italy for a few years now. Probably because I love pizza and wine! My friend from high school was marrying an Italian this year, so I thought this was a perfect time to go.

I flew into Naples and then traveled on south to Sapri and Vibonati. Naples surprised me a bit. I didn’t realize that it was kind of a loud, dirty city. It is beautifully located on the sea with an amazing boardwalk! I had less than 8 hours in Naples so the time was spent browsing the city. In general, the accessibility in Naples isn’t very good. The streets were full of cobble stones and ramp/curb cuts were hard to find. The buses also lacked working ramps. I’ve found that in many European cities, at least the public transportation works well for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it would be that easy to get around Naples alone.

Naples is also known for the invention of the pizza (or so someone told me). We had an afternoon lunch at Gino Sorbillos, right on the coast line. I’m not just saying this because it was Italy, but this was the BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE!!! I can’t even describe how something so simple was sooo tasty. A thin, yet doughy crust with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella! I’m pretty sure I ate 4-8 slices of pizza everyday I was there!

I then took the train about 2 hours south to Sapri and Vibonati. The trains were pretty accessible and the ground staff were extremely helpful! Organizing the assistance took one quick email and they were very organized.

Most of the time was spent at wedding events and gatherings filled with excessive amounts of amazing food! There was a quick morning in the Mediterranean Sea. The water was the perfect temperature, with the mountains lining the coast. I think swimming there was the happiest moment I’ve had in a long time šŸ™‚

The wedding was located on the top of a hill (mountain), at the highest building, the church. I’ll be honest, this city is NOT wheelchair friendly. The steep walks up to the top were nightmarish. I only have my dear friends and some tiny cars to thank for pushing my ass up there. This trip was a perfect first Italian adventure. The hospitality we received from the families and the authentic experiences were amazing. My friends really knew how to throw a party!

I hope I can go back to Italy and explore more. It is a bit frustrating that it isn’t more accessible to get around in some of the most beautiful parts. But, in a way it was exhilarating to be a place that has been fairly untouched by tourism (Vibonati) and remains in much of its original state. I was starting to think that Italy was overrated because it seems everyone goes there for a honeymoon, but it was not! I recommend getting outside the big cities, down the coast. Meet the locals, learn some Italian and eat pizza!!

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